Water Stewardship Story

Coca-Cola Philippines Provides Clean Water for Schools in Kapangan, Benguet

In the mountainous area of Benguet, the Taba-ao community suffers from frequent water shortages, as the region’s water system is vulnerable to natural disasters. In the past, students had to fetch water from their homes or a nearby river (that dries up during the summer) for their daily needs.

To ameliorate this ongoing problem, the Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines has worked together with the Benguet Network of Development-Oriented Peoples’ Organizations to provide clean water for nearly 600 individuals living in the area.

Working with the Benguet Network, the Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines has constructed four rainwater harvesting tanks that can hold 35,000 litres of water each. The tanks are a great example of how people can work with natural resources while also preserving the environment.

Besides supplying water needs to ensure the health of the community, the project can also help provide income from duck and fish raising.

“With the construction of these rainwater tanks, our students no longer have to spend time and energy in making trips to fetch water for our school as part of their daily lives, and can now focus better on their studies,” said Jimmy Fong, Director of the Benguet Network.

As water is vital to beverage production, TCCC is committed to finding more and more ways to preserve it. President of the Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines, Cecile Alcantara, believes that the Company has “a role to play in helping the communities which we operate, which is central to our Live Positively commitment to making a positive difference in the world.”

Since 2005, TCCC has been involved in more than 320 community water partnerships in over 86 countries worldwide.

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